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After All

At first, it just felt like a crazy new year. It took me awhile to realize it is something else,..


By Jocelyn Lansangan There are the drunks again who would holler from inside and outside the bars at 11 in..


By Sashily Kling For Iriz Hernandez 1958-2016 Love can be Monarchs taking flight thrilling in the first stages too scared..

Starting With Art

By Joseph Stanton Writer’s Note: Can a painting capture the life evident in a poem? Can a poem speak to..

Celebrating … Anyway

By Mary Lou Sanelli This is how the season found me at the beginning of this month: determined not to..

Water’s Edge On The Line

Painted desert sands colored with mustache twirling high cackling greed monologuing anti-heroes it’s the American dream public promises empty promises..


By Mary Lou Sanelli I’ve learned to be wary of people who walk up to me with a frown that..


By Mary Lou Sanelli Hardly anyone writes thank-you notes anymore. But there are two I’ve been meaning to send. And..


By Julie Zack Yaste In an alternate world, today would be different. It wouldn’t just be a day that I..