By Sashily Kling

For Iriz Hernandez 1958-2016

Love can
be Monarchs taking flight
thrilling in the first stages
too scared to notice the trembling
as the world skews your view

Love can
be serenaded by candlelight
nights filled with seduction
carnal desires
reflect and refract
the never-ending wonder
fighting against
the dying of the light

Love can
share a moment
as lightning bugs
yellow and white twinkle
a swarm on a summer breeze
on southern porch
sipping raspberry limeade
from chipped glasses
sitting on rocking chairs
two old souls

But my love
is sacrifice
the ability to say goodbye
and still laugh
through the pain

being trapped
stabled fury
Huntington’s; irreversible
unforgiving and harsh

being able to see
her strength
her humor
to really see her
not the disease
that eats at her
like a dirty thief
as it steals who she was

My Love means
letting go
and praying
to whoever I believe in
that what she taught me
was enough
to love.

Sashily Kling loves to write, take photos and create art. She’s working toward a master’s degree in English.

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