Shared Space



By Mary Lou Sanelli I met S., who is responsible for making me laugh more than any other friend, in..


By James Charisma Two years ago last summer, I passed through Dallas on a trip through the southern United States...

Grimm Variations

By Joseph Stanton For many years I have been working on a sequence of fairy-tale-inspired poems that I have been..

Food Is Love

Cecily looked down at her loco moco and swore she saw one of the bright, cartoon-yellow egg yolks wink at..

Watching Humanity On The Move

By Frances Ippoliti Airports aren’t usually considered fun places. Travelers want to reach their destinations as soon as possible without..


By Mary Lou Sanelli When my mother was dying, writing saved me. After I mentioned it in a column, Kristen..

American Innovation

It was the final stretch of network television’s Great American Food Truck Race, and fallen by the wayside were Tacos..

Omamori Of Amore

By Guy Murashige Sibilla Aren’t we all searching for true love?” I rhetorically asked Shinshoku Saori Morikawa, the only female..


By Jock Armour At water’s edge he stands Atop the moss and peat The tension starts to leave his hands..


By Mary Lou Sanelli This is a story about contrasts. It’s also a story about courage and determination. Both belong..