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True Happiness

By Tim Hayakawa I go to work each day I go To earn some pay to buy my way To..

With The Deep, An Alchemy

By Dominick Takis There’s an alchemy between what you relieve and the unknown that receives. Seek to see (sea) what..

Shot Clock

By JASON WALTER Author’s Note: This was written on July 23, 2015, shortly after I learned of the shooting in..

Real Life

When I was in the third grade I wore a mouth retainer. My words came out thick, like how they..


By Tim Hayakawa It’s my turn. I take a stance and bring the bat down in a loose practice waggle,..

From Ocean To Form

By Dominick Takis On a fogged in beach you found an abandoned fire. In the sand you lay beside her,..


By James Charisma This coming Wednesday, Oct. 21, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown will travel from 1985 to..


I’m always telling people that I love reading for book clubs. “It’s the intimacy of the group,” I tell them,..