With The Deep, An Alchemy

By Dominick Takis

There’s an alchemy
between what you relieve
and the unknown that receives.

Seek to see (sea) what would symbolize,
pools from wet feet
mythologize the deep
with careless streams seeking re-entry.
Gazing out
the Moks were still as sentries (centuries)
sphinx-like and stark against the sky,
crouching tigers
protecting what they would harbor,
all the dark secrets
weaved into a carpet of moon
the light that levitates
imbues the surface with significance.

The night,
through drunken illumination,
reveals its spirit through creation.

Patient waves of inhalation
break eternity against rock walls
briefly revealing
the watchful pause (paws)
submerged entirely.

Let it slip to the coral bottom
like loose fitting rings,
the fleeting moments
sucked into a shadow,
released through blow hole mist.
Recover a Grecian urn
of all that is often missed
in the passage of time.
Through inspiration
construct this edifice to the sea,
something impermanent
something enshrined
while currents in a turbulent boil
sweep all that storms relieve
into the alchemy of the deep.

Dominick Takis was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and educated in Boston. He’s a writer and consummate wanderer.

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