Paris Has Fallen… Merde That Mentality!

By Jason Walter

Author’s note: Many thoughts filled the ether following the horrific tragedy in Paris, but some have chosen not to empower evil with more hatred.


The City of Light burns whilst the Streets run dark as She bleeds…

But fallen?


Has it fallen?

What is that you qu’est-ce que c’est? How dare you imply such blasphemy!

Even if the Eiffel Tower fell, Paris would be live, alive, quite a Life!

For All the world to see.

No tyranny can overcome, Collective good’s mentality!

So lift your glasses of champagne up high, Oui, give a toast with Charlie!

For the Spirit of The City of Light Shall never burn out,

Here & Now, For Always.

Nor will it ever bleed!

So please, in time

wipe away your tears mes amis

Jason Walter, Hawaii Opera Theatre’s marketing director, writes poetry and social commentary. His newest collection, The Empty Flask, is available on iBooks now.