Yet Another Possession Flick



When a young boy becomes possessed by the spirit of a powerful demon, his family enlists the help of a scientist (Aaron Eckhart) who can enter the minds of the possessed as a form of exorcism. It seems to be a rehash of every other horror movie that’s come out recently. Plus, we’re a little confused by this whole mind-control exorcism thing. And what is Eckhart doing in this subpar-looking movie? Incarnate opens in wide release Dec. 2.

JAIMIE: Well, THAT was a lot to take in. This movie looks like a whole lot of MEH. Whatever is possessing these people looks boring. The child, though appropriately creepy, is just another possessed child.

PAIGE: Got definite Insidious vibes from the whole concept of having to go inside the possessed person’s mind to exorcise them. Plus that door motif. However, that movie did not do it through science (Insidious is actually fairly good and fair about how it handles everything, to be honest). That is where this movie just goes off the rails. Like, don’t introduce the science train if you’re not going to ride it to a logical conclusion. You can’t just jump off and go all supernatural after that. For god’s sake, blaze a damn trail.

JAIMIE: For a second, I was interested in how he enters their minds and convinces them that it is not real – but like, why the crap does he have to take in their blood to do that? Nothing makes sense.

NICOLE: I just saw this trailer on TV, and I left the room pretending that I needed to grab something from another area of the house. As with other scary movies, this one gets a huge whoppin’ NOOOOOOOPE from me. Even if there is some kind of psychological aspect of the film that’s really messed up, I still wouldn’t see it. Although, an exorcist going into the mind of the possessed is an interesting storyline. Still, though, nope.

CHRISTINA: I am generally a fan of horror movies – even though I scare easily – but I feel like there have been soooo many horror movies coming out recently that all look the same. Maybe, I should give serious consideration to the horror movies coming out soon and decide wisely what I have to watch. All the plots are about little kids getting overtaken by demons or spirits and then all the adults have to try and save them. Maybe they should just let all the kids become demons and see how that plays out. Would be a nice change.

PAIGE: But why is Aaron Eckhart in this movie, channeling his best homeless Brad Pitt impression? Is he that hard up for money? Horror movies that come out after Thanksgiving are too obviously hopeless to be any good. But then, the only thing worse is a horror movie that comes out in February.

CHRISTINA: I also did not understand why Aaron Eckhart was in this movie, but I enjoyed his burned out/alcoholic exorcist vibe.

JAIMIE: I just looked up his filmography to see what he’s been doing lately, and in this year alone – along with this obvious winner – he was in London Has Fallen AND Sully So … I don’t know, Aaron Eckhart. You do you.

PAIGE: What I especially like about this trailer is that they used the “guy falling from the ceiling” thing no less than four separate times. Does the demon do anything else? No, he just throws people off ceilings, repeatedly.