Who Will Survive ‘Life’?



Things are going well for a group of astronauts (including Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds) probing around for life on Mars — until they actually find what they are looking for. The life on Mars seems to just want them dead. Trapped in the space station, the group has to find a way to survive while also protecting people back on Earth. Life opens in wide release March 24.

JAIMIE: Space and aliens always appeal to me, and so this movie kind of interests me. At the same time, certain elements of the plot feel a little too basic. Like, when would an attempt to create artificial life — on board a space shuttle, no less — ever turn out well for anyone? The obvious answer, I thought, was that everyone dies in space. But with that last shot of the capsule preparing to land on Earth, I think it is more likely that one person survives and humans are saved from the threat of any aliens.

CHRISTINA: I’ve actually been looking forward to this for a long time. It looks pretty exciting and scary. But the premise alone does seem a bit familiar. A group of astronauts trapped in a spaceship with an unknown being that they find out wants to attack them… Isn’t that the plot of Alien?

PAIGE: I thought this movie did look a little too derivative of other space movies — Alien, yeah, but I was also getting vibes of Interstellar and such, too. This is yet another entry in a long series of “space is scary and gonna kill us” movies, the only deviation off which in recent years has been The Martian. We need more happy space movies!

JAIMIE: Also, what is going on with the cast in this trailer? Why did it feel like Ryan Reynolds was getting more airtime than Jake Gyllenhaal? And why did Hiroyuki Sanada get like, two seconds — I know, rhetorical question at this point, but STILL.

CHRISTINA: Ryan Reynolds better not be getting more airtime than Jake. But this is from the people who made Deadpool, so maybe they really like him. On that note, why does everyone love Deadpool so much? I watched like the first 15 minutes once and turned it off. Granted, I didn’t give it much of a chance, but it was terrible. To me, Jake Gyllenhaal can pretty much do no wrong.

PAIGE: I think everyone is going to die. Minorities first, white men second, women last (probably). The last survivor will think he/she has vanquished the alien before dying in relief, but in an ominous, silent ending scene, we will see the ship heading toward Earth, where it will crash-land and probably trigger the plot of Cloverfield.

JAIMIE: I have a sneaking suspicion that if anyone is surviving in this movie, it’s Ryan Reynolds. God.