Reel-View Ratings: The Bigger The Beard, The Better The Movie



A little-known chapter of World War II is highlighted in this Danish film, as the long-suffering Danes, who spent five years under Nazi control, order German prisoners of war to scour the beaches for hundreds of thousands of land mines buried by the Nazis. It is strange, yes, to see the Germans portrayed sympathetically in a war film, but these are just boys — young, not more than 17 years old — trapped in a deadly situation. Director Martin Zandvliet’s film does not feature many surprises (you can guess when the mines will go off — because they will go off) but he offers an informative, alternative perspective on the losers of war.

Opens March 24 at Kahala Theatre



The appeal of Power Rangers may well be lost on anyone older than 40 or younger than 20 today. But this Japanese import of color-coded superheroes still holds a certain degree of nostalgic sway today — hence this big, expensive reboot. While it is undoubtedly bad — with one-dimensional characters, a listless plot and too much emphasis on sequel building — there is something that approximates charm here. The cheerfully, pointedly inclusive cast, the blithe camp of Elizabeth Banks as villainess Rita Repulsa and explosive action is almost redeeming. Don’t get me wrong — this is garbage. But, truthfully, it could be worse. (It could be Fantastic Four.)

Opens March 24 in wide release



Woody Harrelson stars as a curmudgeonly middle-aged man, Wilson, who likes to complain about technology, suburbia and life in general to just about everyone within earshot. What a surprise that this generally disagreeable person will reconnect with his family, find new love and garner a greater appreciation for life in this boring film. We know how we’re supposed to feel, but the expectation proves greater than what the movie is capable of offering. Wilson comes off as strangely out of touch with our modern lives — and the film never bothers to contextualize him, either, leaving his acerbic opinions without a moor in time.

Opens March 24 at Kahala Theatre