The Final Five

As a seasoned drinker, I have enjoyed writing Barkeep for the past few months. Getting to try new cocktails and writing about it makes for a pretty fun job, yet the time has come for me to leave Hawaii. I hope my experiences and advice have been somewhat entertaining, and that all Metro fans continue to read this column after I leave.

But before I can leave, I, of course, had to round up a list of my favorite cocktails around the island.

Rumfire's Scorched Strawberry is our Barkeep columnist's favorite drink on Oahu

Rumfire’s Scorched Strawberry is our Barkeep columnist’s favorite drink on Oahu. SAMMI BAUM PHOTO

5. Kaffir Veev, BLT Steak

Every sip of this refreshing cocktail is well worth the $12. Veev is an acai-based distilled vodka, so that makes it healthy, right? Don’t worry, its alcohol content is still high: It’s 70 proof. The drink also includes Hangar One kaffir vodka, fresh lime, kaffir lime leaves and ginger ale.

4. Vodka on the rocks with lime, Everywhere

OK, this might sound generic — and it is — but it had to go on this list, just because it’s my go-to cocktail for late nights hitting Waikiki bars. Order one anywhere, and I promise it’ll taste just as smooth as the next bar’s. Be careful, though: Because it doesn’t taste like much, the vodka will hit you before you know it.

3. The White Gummy, Tropics Tap House

White gummy bears are the best ones, so it is incredible that a drink exactly replicates the delectable snack. With Grey Goose pear and peach schnapps, its sweet taste also is loaded with alcohol. This cocktail is best enjoyed during the bar’s college night on Thursdays, when you also can enjoy music and lively conversation.

2. Lychee Martini, Tanaka of Tokyo

It’s hard for me to believe anyone dislikes lychee, but in the event you fall under this category, do not drink this. For everyone else who has good taste, the Tanaka of Tokyo lychee martini is packed with fresh fruit flavor. To best enjoy, grab your friends, put on your classiest outfit, and head to one of three island locations.

1. Scorched Strawberry, Rumfire

This is, without a doubt, the best cocktail I’ve had on the island. It is equal parts sweet and spicy, with enough kick from the Cruzan strawberry rum to have you feeling tipsy in no time. To make the most of the Scorched Strawberry, have one or two in the afternoon at the pool (just make sure to leave your cell phone at home).

While these five cocktails are my picks, there are plenty of other delicious choices at each of the listed bars. Although I am leaving, these cocktails aren’t — head out and enjoy one!