Food Fights Back



Frank (Seth Rogen) the sausage and Brenda (Kristen Wiig) the hot dog bun are among food items waiting to be chosen by a customer at the supermarket. But when Frank and Brenda, along with a group of other foods, finally get chosen, they find out the horrible truth of what happens when they leave the store: They get eaten. Frank then leads a mission to warn the other foods and fight off the hungry humans. This looks pretty ridiculous — in a good way. Sausage Party opens in wide release Aug. 12.

NICOLE: I kind of want to see this, and I just realized that this movie is NOT a kid’s movie! I thought it was just going to be filled with innuendos that only adults get, but kids will just see the face value of the film. I was wrong. It’s rated R.

CHRISTINA: It is a little misleading because I thought it was for kids, too. You have all these cute little pieces of food, and then the potato gets skinned alive. That was terrifying. It felt like a really messed up version of Toy Story.

NICOLE: Holy crap, when the potato gets skinned. That is really intense. And the bacon frying. Oh my gosh.

PAIGE: I think this movie is going to bomb not because it isn’t good, but because everyone is going to be supremely confused about who the target audience is (outside of “stoners” and “people who love dirty puns”).

CHRISTINA: I bet there will be instances of people taking their young children to see this — and then blaming the movie creators.

JAIMIE: The double entendres thrilled me — as did the super violent scenes of food cooking, which usually is very relaxing. Just like, everything about this movie is so much yes.

NICOLE: It’s kind of a sad sentiment — the grass isn’t always greener on the other side — but way more sinister because they get freaking eaten. It almost makes me not want to eat hot dogs, but then I remember how amazing hot dogs are and I brush that notion aside.

Watching the trailer in its entirety made me really sad. The hot dog and bun getting chosen together is quite nice — “just the tips” — until you realize that what they think is a utopia is their ultimate demise!

JAIMIE: You know, sometimes if a movie is just flat-out ridiculous, I like to assume that its creators were completely high the entire time they thought up the premise. In this case, it was 100-percent true and I love it. I love every bit of it. I imagine that Seth Rogen was super high and got the munchies, and then imagined his food coming to life. Like, I am willing to bet lots of money that this is the story behind Sausage Party.