Drinks On The Water

Metro-081216-Barkeep2The food and drink scene at Ko Olina Resort just got a little upgrade in the form of the new Four Seasons Resort that opened earlier this summer.

In an effort to cool down after a hot day at the lagoons, I headed up to the Waterman Bar & Grill, a vintage-themed ocean side oasis inspired by the connection between land and water in Hawaii, and local water-men of decades past. Curious to learn more, I reached out to Four Seasons public relations director Yvonne Hunter. “The Waterman Bar & Grill is named for the legendary uncles who have surfed the waves on the West side of Oahu for generations — Buffalo Keaulana, for example,” she explained. “The alaia boards as part of the open-air decor at the bar have been a great conversation starter. Surrounded by pools and the Pacific, hopefully the views inspire something of native Hawaiians’ very mystical connection to the ocean.”

Now, on to the drinks! A quick glance over the menu told me two things: 1. They were taking the water theme seriously — nearly every drink has an ocean-inspired name. 2. I was going to need a snack with my beverage — Mexican Style Corn on the Cobb, anyone?

For my first drink, I went with the Lilikoi Margarita (pictured), a mix of traditional tequila, lilikoi passionfruit nectar, agave nectar, lime and volcanic salt. Margaritas are my go-to for a cocktail cool-down, and this one did not disappoint. Looking at the ingredients, you might think it would be too sweet, but the balance of juice and alcohol was just right.

For my second drink, I went with the Castaway, a mix of coconut water, melon vodka and lime juice. This is my new summer staple! While I just got one this time, it’s also offered in a pitcher — and I can see why: The smooth concoction goes down like water, and I found myself craving a second before I had even finished my first.