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Embracing Fear

Momi Robins-Makaila Twelve-and 13-year-olds walk into my classroom every day. My plan is to teach them something. One of two..


MALLY My hair is thin now, But I still feel young at heart. Can I eat this poop? BELLA My..


By Mary Lou Sanelli I’ve never been the kind of person who can wait to open a gift that arrives..

Six Miles A Day

By Trelaine Ito I was always a terrible runner, for a runner. In track and cross-country, I rarely placed better..

From Mauka To Makai

By Joanna Bressler New to the island, I am fortunate to visit Camp Mokuleia, on the north-west shores of Oahu,..

For Laura

By Jordan Hanson He was vicious and he was cruel. And I loved him, but I knew, knew, knew Him...

Reality Check

By Roland Nipps On a recent December morning, I woke to the sound of gunfire. It thrust me back to..
The Power Of Humanity

The Power Of Humanity

By Kait Sawyer Hanson With what seems like a constant stream of negativity happening in the world around us, there..
Rock Fever

Rock Fever

Tim Hayakawa It’s an ailment that targets transplanted Mainlanders who feel stifled by Hawaii’s size and isolation, restless souls who..