Shared Space



By Mary Lou Sanelli We have friendships for many different reasons — to experience the best in others, to experience..
My Old Job

My Old Job

By Albert Lanier It was dark, and I could barely see the crowd of perhaps 30 or 35 people sitting..

On Loneliness

By Tim Hayakawa About a decade ago on Late Night, Conan O’Brien described Saint Valentine as the patron saint for..

For Clara

By Mary Lou Sanelli For as long as I can remember having known her, I’ve been wanting to write about..

The Banyan Tree

By Roland Nipps In Waikiki, along Kalakaua Avenue, I stand before a 15-foot-high wooden structure with four small, square windows...

Paddles Up

By Laura Davis I smell the ocean expanding around me as our six-woman canoe slogs through the chop. The first..


By Mary Lou Sanelli After the shooting in Paris, I lost the capacity for emotional response. Now, I’m having trouble..

The Bubble

By James Nakamura The war — far from over — smolders on in Stanford’s sleep. In his dream, the turbulence..