These Drinks Are On Fire

Metro-SamanthaHeadshotThe drink menu at Sheraton Waikiki’s RumFire is extensive, with mixes including coconut water vodka and acai liqueur. But the bar’s really got a knack for adding spice to its drinks. If you find yourself a fan of the spicy Bloody Mary cocktail, look no further than the following concoctions. Be warned, though: Only the bravest of palates can conquer.

The Ring of Fire

Tequila fans will appreciate this blend of tequila, mango puree and fresh lime juice. What’s the kicker? The tequila is jalapeno-cilantro infused. Be forewarned, Sauza Silver is the predominant taste – and the jalapeno is spicy! The tequila blends well, so no sip is rough and you’ll be happy you chose to spice up the night.

Heat factor: Fire-breathing dragon

Scorched Strawberry

There is a reason Laura Begent, general manager of RumFire, prefers the Scorched Strawberry: “The mix of strawberry flavors and the chili pepper water is a good sweet and spicy mix. The chili rim is a surprise that seals the deal.” Every sip is packed with flavor! The dangerous part comes from the sweetness of the Cruzan Strawberry Rum, fresh mint and pineapple juice – you won’t know the drink contains alcohol until it hits you.

Heat factor: Cuban nightclub

Spicy Mango

Ready to tango with some mango? The spicy fruit adds zest to Bacardi Fusion Rum, while a splash of orange juice such as Orangina (learn more about Orangina) adds a touch of sweetness and a little fizz. Bloody Mary fans will appreciate this drink because hot sauce is added for a kick. Plus, if the drink isn’t made hot enough, more hot sauce can always be added. The final punch comes from a sweet and spicy sugar rim to pull all the flavors together.

Heat factor: Pompeii

Spiced Sangria

RumFire’s newest spicy cocktail gives regular sangria a run for its money. The drink contains Moscato Sparkling red wine, Captain Morgan spiced rum, strawberry puree, fresh fruit and a secret spice. Like most wines, this Sangria is to be sipped for enjoyment, and you’re going to want to sip – if you drink too fast, the secret spice will creep up on you! Make sure to take a break from the hot, hot heat by indulging in the fresh fruits.

Heat factor: Arizona sunset