Letter from the Editor

Metro-LTE-ChristinaInspiration is a powerful word. But sometimes, I think that we have the tendency to toss it around carelessly. We say how a painting inspires us, or how we find a story of human triumph inspiring. And that is all well and good — but I often find these broad statements disconcerting.

What, exactly, does that painting or that story inspire in us? Isn’t inspiration ultimately pointless — ultimately a little self-serving — if it doesn’t become a catalyst for something beyond us talking about how inspired we are? What does inspiration even mean if it doesn’t lend itself to an action, to a new way of thinking, to anything?

In this issue, we explore inspiration. First, let’s get literal, as writer Jaimie Kim provides a preview of INspiration Interior’s upcoming design workshops (Page 10). In our feature story this week (Page 12), several artists who participated in our Rock The Box contest talk about their artwork and their Metro newspaper racks. Our food section (Page 16) takes a look at what prompted Jason Coleman to start his health-conscious eatery Leahi Health Beverages.

In my interview with blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer (who will be talking at UH Oct. 18), he meditates on the limitations of inspiration (Page 14).

It’s columnist Anton Glamb who really gets to the crux of this whole thing on Page 8. He spent all week going around getting inspired so you wouldn’t have to and reflects on why that’s important.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Maybe you’ll even find something that inspires you. Whatever that means.