A Bevy Of Fun


Located in Kaka‘ako, Bevy is the kind of place I can both meet my friends for a roaring happy hour and grab an intimate drink with my husband. In essence, it’s the type of versatile bar every neighborhood needs.

Under the helm of owner/ mixologist Christian Self — of former Chinatown hotspot Thirtyninehotel — Bevy was modeled after speakeasies that arose during the Prohibition era and European-style bars.

After a recent evening at Honolulu Night Market, I had Bailey’s on the mind, so I strolled into Bevy for a bit of a night cap. I had planned to grab one drink and then head home. But after looking over Bevy’s menu, I knew I was in for a treat. Crafted cocktails along with Bevy’s takes on classics sent me into taste-testing overdrive — and I didn’t stop until closing time!

I initially had thought I’d begin with a margarita, but then I spotted the Padua Cooler, another tequila-based drink that offered the chance to try something new. An infusion of tequila, Aperol, lime and grapefruit, the Padua Cooler was absolutely delicious and provided the perfect, refreshing cool-down from the humid night.

Next, I dove into the Poha Berry Cobbler, a rich mix of poha berry, sugar, orange, Bacardi 8 rum and St. Germain. It was very fruity and a little tart — but I loved it! It didn’t taste too strong to me, but it was delicious nonetheless.

To end the evening, I decided on a selection from the “Libations” portion of the menu — a Moscow Mule. I still stand behind my claim that Pint & Jigger makes the best Moscow Mule on the island, but Bevy is running a close second. The ice was crushed to perfection (a big plus for me!) and their house-made ginger beer was a definite bonus.

I called it a night after three rounds, but I’m planning to go back later this month to sample the Hemingway Daiquiri.

If you’re in the Kaka‘ako neighborhood for Night Market, or simply stopping on your way home from work, Bevy is a can’t-miss.