Runners will have to avoid zombies and other obstacles in Zombie Dash Hawaii, held at Turtle Bay Resort Oct. 17 TANTRIQ ENTERTAINMENT PHOTO

Runners will have to avoid zombies and other obstacles in Zombie Dash Hawaii, held at Turtle Bay Resort Oct. 17

It’s finally happened — the Zombie Apocalypse is here, and it’s set to hit Oahu. At least, that’ll be the case Oct. 17 at Turtle Bay Resort for the first-ever Zombie Dash Hawaii.

Organized by event production and promotion company Tantriq Entertainment, the 5k course winds through the Turtle Bay property — with zombies chasing runners along the way.

Tantriq Entertainment primarily is known for its concert and party promotions — like last week’s Wiz Khalifa show — but putting on Zombie Dash became something of a pet project for owner Jay Kawakami, who is a big fan of The Walking Dead. He had heard of similar events on the Mainland and dreamed of hosting one here, but with a local twist — with surfer and tourist zombies meandering around, and against a picturesque course.

“We’re running right on Kawela Bay, right on the ocean,” Kawakami says. “It goes along the beach and through the woods — it’s a nice run.”

Tantriq has come up with a backstory surrounding the race — and a mission for runners to complete: As a deadly infection spreads, a group of scientists works to create an anti-virus. In a final transmission (which you can view at zombiedashhawaii.com), they announce they have successfully done it — but their lab is being overrun by zombies. Runners must work in teams of four to find the four scientists that are scattered throughout the zombie-infested trail. “These scientists hold the cure to the zombie apocalypse,” explains Kawakami. “As soon as you find all four, you will have the serum, and hopefully you can make it back to the finish line alive.”

To stay “alive,” runners must try to hold onto a set of flags that they’ll be given at the start of the race. Each flag you have at the finish line will shave a minute off of your final time. Runners also must clear a number of obstacles as they dodge zombies — including tires, ropes and climbing challenges. (Kawakami points out that the course is designed to be family friendly, so it’s nothing too extreme.) But don’t worry, even if the zombies catch you and you run out of flags, you won’t be disqualified.

“It’s more of a fun run — it’s not about the time,” Kawakami explains.

“I want everybody to have a good time,” he adds. “It’s a good entry to the celebration of Halloween.”

At the finish line, live entertainment, giveaways, raffles and more will be waiting.

Proceeds go toward the Department of Education to support drama programs in public schools, with the hope, Kawakami says, to enable them to do more shows.

“We are going to donate 20 percent of all profits,” he says. “Drama in local schools … is definitely important to us. We want to support local people to be entertainers.”

Registration for Zombie Dash Hawaii currently is being accepted for $39 per person through Oct. 3. After that, ticket prices jump to $49. And if you’re interested in playing undead for the day, Tantriq still is looking for about 80 volunteer zombies, as well as other, living volunteers to handle things like check-in or monitoring the course.

Check-in begins at 2 p.m. and the race is scheduled to start at 3.

For more information, visit zombiedashhawaii.com.