We’ve Been To This ‘Party’ Before



A CEO (Jennifer Aniston) threatens to close a failing branch of her company that’s led by her slacker brother (T.J. Miller) – unless they can land a multimillion-dollar account. So the office comes together to throw an epic party in an attempt to land the client. If you think that sounds like the most ridiculous plot ever, we agree. While parts of the movie do look funny – and it’s got an ensemble cast that also includes Jason Bateman, Kate McKinnon and Olivia Munn – we think that it seems too generic. Office Christmas Party opens in wide release Dec. 9.

NICOLE: I thought this was another Horrible Bosses sequel. I mean, same leads – Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman – and they are in an office setting. The trailer looks funny, albeit in a very generic way.

CHRISTINA: But in what world is throwing a crazy party to land a major client a good idea? They think they are going to lose their jobs, so decide to piss the boss off even more. Although, I definitely want those alcohol-filled water coolers.

PAIGE: This trailer did feel extraordinarily generic, just running down the checklist of “near-fatal bodily injury” and “dramatically overblown alcohol consumption” and “unexpected Jesus jokes.”

CHRISTINA: I feel like I can predict where this movie is going to go already. Jennifer Aniston’s uptight boss will learn to relax a little; T.J. Miller’s slacker character will find something he’s passionate about; everything will work out fine with the client they’re trying to impress.

JAIMIE: The trailer felt like a preview for a long – really long – SNL sketch … This movie looks like a solid I-don’t-care. I’d probably stop to watch it on TV because I enjoy Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, but I definitely won’t be paying to see this in theaters.

CHRISTINA: What was Jason Bateman even really doing in this movie? Like, I am unclear of what his role actually is. He seemed to not be fully into T.J. Miller’s antics, but not siding with Aniston either.

NICOLE: It seems like his role in Arrested Development – he’s meant to take care of the feuding siblings as the only voice of reason.

JAIMIE: It’s a shame Jennifer Aniston never really found her niche post-Friends. I think that’s the kind of thing she needs for her career again: a sitcom with a good supporting cast.

PAIGE: Nobody even felt like they were acting in this movie. We’re all resting on the laurels of our pre-established characters and archetypes, comforted in our preordained bouts of absurdity or incredulity. Jason Bateman was the put-upon straight man. Jennifer Aniston was the mean boss. T.J. Miller was the over-the-top deadpan funny guy. A Christmas paycheck for all, and to all a good night.