Time Traveling With Radius

Ramon Norwood, or simply Radius, is a multi-dimensional hip hop/electronic music producer from South Chicago who currently lives in Honolulu. I spoke with Radius about his new album, Time Travel Is Real, and what else he’s been up to lately.

How did you create the songs on the album?

The album was created within Chicago, here in Honolulu and St. Louis. I’d say 60 percent out here in Hawaii. Some of the foundation tracks were started in Chicago, and when I decided to go ahead with an album, I was here in Hawaii. One For Ferguson (healing factor) was started in St. Louis the night before I played a show at Blank Space on Cherokee Street, during the time of the protesting last year. I finished and dropped the seven-track EP in late September 2014. When I got back, the ideas came to be to expand it to the current state it is in now.

Ramon Norwood, aka Radius ERVIN ARANA PHOTO

Ramon Norwood, aka Radius ERVIN ARANA PHOTO

What do you look for when you’re digging for records?

All depends on the moment, the day and what is going on in my life at the time. Also, if I have an idea for a mix or a gig or certain project that I am trying to build on in the studio, I dig around that.

You’re spinning with us at Soul Time this month (Oct. 29 at Bevy). What’s your approach to musical selection and presentation?

I play more live PA/improv beat sets with my gear and what not, but here and there, I get asked to play records, or I will incorporate records into my live setup. I practice and organize, but I let it go and improvise, be within it like nature. Just want to present a healing vibe overall, inspire people with what’s inspired me in the music and life in general, and I hope that I do.

What other gigs do you have lined up in Hawaii for October?

I’m doing a beat set at an event with (record label) Alpha Pup/Low End Theory (producer) Daddy Kev and The Lightsleepers on Oct. 23 at Hawaiian Brian’s.

What’s next for Radius?

I have a bunch of projects that are either complete or close to complete, and new ideas are coming to me often. I’m always seeking ways to get them out there and get myself to other places in the world physically as well so that I can help to heal and inspire others. I got a project with Lailah Reich that sings with my group Beyond Luck, we go by Dia.L; also an EP with an emcee from Logan Square, Chicago, named Sense. I have a project done with my bro Kenny Keys, also from Chicago. The Lightsleepers are planning to put that out via Alpha Pup Records, waiting to hear back on that. (I’ve) been done with a new EP (with his other group LAGOS with collaboration partner Leo 123), I’m shopping that around. I have a project that I’m rounding out known as Infinite Roots, which started before Time Travel Is Real, that I’d love to get out as well.