Metro-100814-SuperTech-HeadshotI have been an avid user of Tinder since I wrote about it in Honolulu Pulse almost a year ago. The singles app is ridiculously fun and another brilliant way to waste time looking through my phone once I’ve exhausted Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (and trust me, that time comes often).

It takes quite a bit of work out of the whole meeting people thing, and even though most times I just sort of let the matches sit there, it’s great for personal development to know that if I ever got brave enough, there are, in fact, guys in Hawaii who would date me. It’s like my own personal man collection.

Even if I’m too shy to even message these guys — let alone meet them — there is a beautiful passive-aggressive way to still remain in contact with my list of matches.


The Tinder Moments.

The new feature is just like Instagram, but you are only posting for your matches — what I like to call my captive audience. I usually like to give them a sexy-ish pic first, then the next day I’ll post a flier for a party I want them to check out.

I call it “Tindception.”

These are all potential matches so they are already cool, and now I’m leading them to exactly where I want them to be. It’s usually a DJ gig, so it’s a fantastic, nonconfrontational way for them to check me out, decide if they like me, then pounce. For anyone promoting an event, it’s gold.

Thank God for the Tinder Moments

because it’s been challenging to actually date using this app. The main reason is when I finally get around to saying hello to a match, he is already 2,658 miles away. There are some great local single finds, but again I’m pretty shy to actually make that leap of faith and message them.

My least favorite thing to do is trade phones with my male friends and let them give me pointers on my profile. It turns out what us ladies think is swipe-right worthy isn’t necessarily what the guys like. When I handed over my phone to UH footballer Scott Harding, he deleted all of my amazingly witty prose and replaced it with “Independent, try and keep up.”

Keep it simple and to the point, he told me. Guys don’t care as much about what you have to say more than what you look like, especially with this.

Yikes. I changed out my photos of me being gloriously weird and myself for a bikini shot and some red carpet photos. Then I immediately changed it back. As much as I want to appeal to a broader spectrum of potential dates, I’m not on here to try to get guys who only care about how I look. I want to be myself, and if that’s what they want, then haaaay. Apparently, that’s not why most guys use Tinder.

That’s OK though, since technically I’m not using it for what it’s for either.


Christa Wittmier is “SUPERCW” on pretty much all social media. Find her on Snapchat, Soundcloud, Twitter, Vine, and, of course, Instagram. By night, she is known as DJ SuperCW and as the pool party queen, running Bacardi Pool Party and Grey Goose Dayclub. By day, she is known as senior marketing director for Young’s Market Company of Hawaii.