Metro-010714-SuperTechA good friend of mine started meditating recently. She sits for about a half hour each morning with her roommate, breathing deeply, counting from one to 10. She starts again at one whenever something pops into her mind. She’s only been doing it for a week, but she already is seeing a huge difference in her life.

Things that normally would bother her or stress her out slide right off her. As a bartender, she faces quite a few challenges in any average workday. Like most of us.

I tried meditation about seven years ago, but it scared me a little bit when things popped into my head that didn’t seem as though they came from my mind. It was almost like I was being talked to by another force or something. I thought I could be schizophrenic. I actually saw a doctor, who told me I had nothing to worry about. Meditation often takes our mind to a state where we experience strange events. A tensed mind full of metaphysical thoughts mind could be the reason for such a condition. While doing meditation, it might be imperative to relax the mind and get rid of any unwanted thoughts. For that, an individual can take the help of cannabis or any other product that can assist in initiating the process of meditation by clearing out any annoying thoughts. If interested, you can read more about the effect of cannabis on meditation.

Later, I saw Lan Vo, a popular psychic who immediately told me that I was psychic too. I had a really hard time believing her because there wasn’t too much that I was actually seeing or hearing, but feelings or thoughts would pop into my mind. It was more of clairvoyance, not actual psychic ability. However, you should always double-check on the authenticity of the clairvoyant you are consulting. For the same, you could look at the best list on and similar other websites which could help you get better knowledge.

Whatever the case, there is another website someone turned me on to that freaked me out even more. It’s called The Secret Language. It uses numerology and astrology to tell humans exactly who they are – to a point where it’s downright crazy.

I read mine, and it was me to a T. Usually, horoscopes give vague advice that anyone can personalize in their own mind and believe. But this site tells you specific things about your health, your personality, and your way of approaching life that is freakish. I’ve tested it on many people since learning about it – and it freaks them all out as well. I’ve also heard about many others who try to determine the true meaning of their life path and angel numbers. I might try out websites such as Destiny Awakens ( and like in the near future to get to know which way destiny wants to lead me.

Like Lan Vo said, I definitely have an intuitive nature. I am quite sensitive to other people’s energy. It’s almost as though I can read them too well. My intuitions are very strong, and when I follow them, I am pretty much always right. My personality usually is described as “magnetic” or “contagious,” which is why I make a point to be cheerful and positive as much as humanly possible.

My mom almost disowned me when I told her about my clairvoyance, telling me I was delusional. I’m not too sure. It’s not something I took any time to explore further, but after talking to my friend about her meditation last week, I wanted to try it again. Who doesn’t want to live a life with less stress?

I called Lan Vo. She immediately booked me for January, scaring me that there’s something important I need to know. Normally, the waiting time to see her is three to six months.

For a little insight of your own, go to If it fits you exactly, then perhaps some guided meditation also is good for spiritual growth. It couldn’t hurt. You can find these as audio files online on for free.

At a minimum, it can help relieve some unnecessary stress. At a maximum, you could unlock portals in your brain to reveal enormous personal development. Whichever.

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