Hurry Up and Wait

Metro-100814-SuperTech-HeadshotI have this thing about being on time. Actually, I have this thing about being early. If I’m on time, I feel like I’m running late. I like to give myself a half hour to get where I’m going. That’s usually the perfect amount of time to fight traffic, find parking, get inside, get a good spot and get situated.

Arriving to anything — a function, meeting or gig — late and frazzled is on a very short personal list of Things I Can’t Stand.

Waiting on other people is, unfortunately, the norm, but I refuse to make other people wait on me. It’s selfish and rude to think my time is more valuable than anyone else’s — and it’s also something that, for the most part, can be controlled.

Of course my personal appearance may suffer because of it. I hardly ever take the time to curl my hair or wear a lot of makeup, unless the occasion is super special. Day-to-day life just doesn’t produce enough justification for me to make that effort (says the girl with no boyfriend).

When I do find myself waiting, it’s usually in line —at the bank, airport, mechanic, store or DMV.

As busy as life can be, this kind of down-time is usually a welcome break.

Downtime definitely is spent better when I have a pair of headphones and my iPhone. If I’m not listening to a new mix on my Soundcloud app, it’s the TED app. With topics including science and technology, neurology, global issues, art, social issues, magic, children and motivation, there is a talk for every facet of possible human interest or time suckage.


What I love about the app is the Surprise Me feature. You are able to select a category and how much time you have: 10, 20, 60 minutes. The categories are hard to choose from, as I usually want to see something from all of them. Categories include Funny, Persuasive, Ingenious, Jaw-Dropping, Beautiful, Fascinating, Informative and Inspiring. Try choosing only one!

The greatest thing about TED talks isn’t the learning (although that is a great thing). It’s having fantastic small talk to share when the people you’re waiting on finally do show up. Think about it. Would you rather be chatting about Kim Kardashian’s ass appearing on the cover of a magazine, or chatting about the post-crisis consumer after Black Friday, or new insights on HIV research on World AIDS Day?

I guess it depends on if you were waiting on friends or business colleagues.

There’s a difference between being smart and appearing smart. Unfortunately, I fall in the latter category, but thanks to my phone, I can keep up with intellectuals at least a little bit.

It’s better than keeping up with the Kardashians.


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