Batch 58 Fresh Hop IPA

Metro-102914-Speakeasy-Honolulu-Beerworks-rb-04The brouhaha behind the brew

Erin Draper, bartender

“I picked that one because it’s a special beer for us, a labor of love. We got our fresh hops for this beer from Washington state. Within three days of the hops being picked, we were brewing them. So that’s why it’s fresh hops. We add fresh hops into every facet of the brewing process.

“I like that it’s so hop forward, without being overly bitter. It’s got some serious tropical fruit notes. It’s really citrusy, but the hops are prevalent in every single sip. If you like IPAs, this one is delicious. It’s fresh, it’s not so bitter that you can’t handle it, but it’s nice and hoppy. We are really proud of this beer. It’s a limited release only; we only have it until it’s gone.”



Drink Strength: Hoptimus Prime