Sip The Surf


Aside from the Koko Head Crater trail, SKY Waikiki is one of the only places that I feel like I’m on top of the world. Both, with their terrific vantage points, are great spots to watch the sun set. But SKY has one thing on Koko Head: There’s booze at the top.

As a frequent patron, I was excited when I found out that head mixologist Jennifer Ackrill was shaking up some surf-inspired libations for the SKY summer menu. With iconic surfbreaks of Oahu in mind, Ackrill has unveiled the refreshing Summer Surf Cocktail Collection, which includes seven new beverages ranging in price from $10-$13: Kawela Spritz, Sunset Sazerac, Chun’s Highball, Makaha Madness, Queen’s Daiquiri, Lighthouse Mule and Makapu‘u Blue.

“The reason I chose to use local surf spots as the focus for this new menu collection is to highlight areas around us for our guests to go to after they’ve come to SKY for a cocktail,” Ackrill explains. “For visitors, it would be to see a place that maybe they wouldn’t have necessarily gone to and for our local guests, a way to see if, indeed, the cocktails do speak to the actual break itself because each of the drinks are evocative of the break they are named after.”

I went with the Lighthouse Mule (pictured), because I’m a true lover of a traditional Moscow Mule and wanted to taste this summery spin-off. It’s made with tumeric-infused vodka, house-made yuzu ginger syrup, lime and Cock‘n Bull ginger beer. I love how bright and cheery it looked on arrival — the whimsical striped paper straw and yellow color just made me smile!

Ackrill explained that the use of fresh ginger, yuzu and tumeric makes this cocktail a vision of healthy living, just like the surfers who paddle to Lighthouse break.

I didn’t go for round two, but next time I’ll be ordering the Queen’s Daiquiri. Mixed for guests seeking the ultimate tropical cocktail, this daiquiri is a blend of Flor de Cana rum, Giffard’s banana liqueur and fresh lime.

It’s safe to say I’ve found my summer sanctuary. Cheers!