‘Rising Star’ Ludi Lin

Lin as Zack in  ‘Power Rangers' PHOTO COURTESY LIONSGATE

Lin as Zack in ‘Power Rangers’

While the Hawaii European Cinema Film Festival may have already wrapped up last weekend, it’s not over yet: There’s still the awards gala that is set to take place tonight (March 31) at Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, starting at 6 p.m.

Among the awardees is actor Ludi Lin, who stars as the Black Ranger, Zack, in the new Power Rangers film. He’s the recipient of this year’s Rising Star Award. Metro recently had the chance to chat with Lin.

Metro: How did you first become interested in acting?

Lin: Funnily enough, one of my earliest memories was me in the crowd when my mom was performing on stage. She used to sing traditional Chinese opera … I just remember seeing her with this crazy makeup and these crazy costumes … I was just fascinated by all the glamour.

The other pivotal moment was when my mom forbade me from pursuing acting; she wanted me to become a doctor. As a rebellious teenager at that time, I think that just did it.

Metro: I know that you were a Power Rangers fan growing up. How does it feel to be playing this role now?

Lin: It feels amazing, it truly does. I get to go … into a character that I grew up with, and I get to put my own spin and my own background into this character.

Metro: As the Hawaii European Cinema award suggests, you’re on your way to becoming a huge star. How does that feel?

Lin: Being a star is not my job — acting is my job and seriously considering a role and how to portray a role, that is my job. But truthfully speaking, getting to know all these fans and seeing all these little kids loving the film, loving these characters, loving the story, I really enjoy knowing the fans’ feedback.

Metro: You have been vocal about wanting to break Asian stereotypes in your work. What type of stories are you hoping to tell?

Lin: What I am hoping is that more and more people will try to pigeonhole me into a caricature into some Asian role … because that would give me a challenge, and that would give me an incentive to break those caricatures and surprise people. I feel like there is so much humanity that is missing from Asian roles. I think the Asian roles that I see on film right now in Western cinema, and sometimes even in Chinese cinema … lack complexity.

Metro: What is next for you? Lin: I have two films coming up in mainland China this year. And I am waiting for Power Rangers to come out in mainland China. I have been reading a lot of great scripts here in LA, but I am seriously waiting for that one great script that comes out of China and just captures my heart. I am just trying to pick the right story — I don’t want to be an actor who looks back and sees a lot of work but nothing that he is satisfied with, so I am very careful in picking my roles.

Metro: What was it about Power Rangers that made you want to be involved?

Lin: It is a coming-of-age story… There is a lot about this movie that inspires me, and also, I thought it was about time for an Asian super hero to save the world.