Remember. Honor. … And Drink.


When I found out there was a military museum and brewery combination located in Kakaako, it was like my two favorite worlds collided: My husband and I are huge history nerds with a hearty appetite for brews. If you’re into history like I am, you’ll be interested to learn that The Home of the Brave Brewseum is the largest private WWII collection in the Pacific. And, no, this is not your grandpa’s dusty attic.

Stepping into Brewseum was like walking into a scene from the movie Pearl Harbor, and rightfully so — the old Jeep from the film sits proudly on display there! Wood-paneled walls lined with historic military photos, antique beer cans as crown molding and airplanes on a conveyor-belt circling overhead set the scene for superior drinking at this quaint watering hole at 901 Waimanu St.

On our way in, we snagged a free container of buttery popcorn and saddled up to one of the picnic tables. I knew right away I would be ordering a flight of beer (pictured above), which contained a hearty combination of light and dark beers. But Brewseum takes its flight of beers quite literally and serves it up in a propeller. My favorite was the Barrel Aged Black Strap Molasses Porter!

A sucker for a refreshing cider, I chose the ACE Pineapple Cider next. Light, yet full of flavor, it’s got a fruity aftertaste and goes down easily. In fact, I had two.

And what kind of bar writer would I be without sampling the snacks? (Hint: not a very good one.) Aside from unlimited free popcorn, Brewseum offers soft pretzels, pizza, M&Ms (a staple in military rations) and traditional Klondike ice cream bars. I took one for the team and ordered both the pretzel (served with three delicious mustard dipping sauces) and the pepperoni pizza. You can’t go wrong with either! Hot, delicious and perfect for sharing, Brewseum bites are perfect bar food.

My only real complaint is that Brewseum patrons are limited to street parking only, which can be a bit of a struggle. That considered, I’m already planning my next trip. After five visits, you’ll earn your golden wings and a spot on their meritorious highlight video that plays on loop near the bar.

Roger that!