Through The Wringer?


Everything is going well for engaged couple Doug and Gretchen (Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), save for the fact that the groom doesn’t have a best man, or any groomsmen, for that matter. So Doug gets a wedding party-for-hire, led by professional best man, Jimmy (Kevin Hart). It starts as business, but it looks like a real friendship may start to form. Sound familiar? We thought so, too. We’re not quite sure what sets this movie apart from, say, I Love You, Man or Hitch or any of those paid-relationships-creating-a-true-connection movies, but the three leads could be appealing enough for us to want to find out. The Wedding Ringer opens in wide release Jan. 16. >>

CHRISTINA: I just have a hard time believing that, first of all, someone wouldn’t have even just one option for a grooms-man — and the main part is that his fiancée doesn’t realize that he doesn’t have any friends. That just is kind of unbelievable.

JAMES: It seems like the trailer pretty much just gave a plot rundown of the entire movie —every complication and misunderstanding that could come up.

NICOLE: But even if it didn’t, it’s pretty predictable, right? I think we know what to expect.

CHRISTINA: Like how they are going to be real friends in the end, right? It’s kind of like Pretty Woman.

JAIMIE: There is totally another movie like this. It’s called I Love You, Man, and it has Paul Rudd in it.

CHRISTINA: I don’t think he pays him to be his best man, though. They just go on some man-dates.

JAMES: Oh yeah, he goes on a desperate search.

CHRISTINA: But it does seem similar to that.

JAMES: Just not as funny.

NICOLE: I love Kevin Hart, though.

CHRISTINA: He is everywhere now. I feel like he just came out of nowhere and then all of a sudden was in everything.

JAIMIE: This movie looks like every bad comedy rolled into one.

JAMES: No, that comes out in January.

PAIGE: The bride has a really diminished role. I was wondering where she was until she showed up two minutes into the trailer, just in time to be like, “What? You have friends?”

NICOLE: I love her (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). I also love

The Big Bang Theory, though.

CHRISTINA: I don’t like The Big Bang Theory. I just can’t get on board for that show.

JAMES: That’s always the show that comes on at midnight when there is nothing else to watch.

JAIMIE: I like the main guy (Josh Gad) who hires the best man, though. He’s been in musicals before, and he was Olaf’s voice in Frozen.

NICOLE: I am going to see this movie. I am actually really excited for it.

JAIMIE: This is a movie that I would totally want to see … when it’s on TNT one Sunday afternoon.

PAIGE: I enjoyed the part where he was faking his awesome adventures. That would be fun — make a bunch of fake pictures for your wedding slideshow and see if people can tell which ones are the lies.