The Worst Of ‘The Best Of Me’


In the latest Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie, Amanda and Dawson are high school sweethearts who are torn apart by, well, a lot of things. They’re from opposite sides of the tracks, and Amanda’s wealthy family doesn’t like that her new boyfriend’s lineage includes the town’s biggest criminals. He goes to jail, she goes to college, and that should have been the end of it. But they are reunited 20 years later and seem to spend a lot of time eating on porches and getting real romantic.

We like James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, who play the adult Dawson and Amanda, but we don’t know about Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato, who portray the teenage versions. Well, mostly we don’t know about Bracey because he looks too old to be playing someone in high school.

More than that, we feel this is just (another) recycled Nicholas Sparks film and frankly, it’s getting old.

It opens Oct. 17, but we don’t care. >>

NICOLE: That was terrible! There is always kissing in the rain.

CHRISTINA: It looks like every other Nicholas Sparks film. Why do they keep remaking these?

JAMES: I like how when they age 20 years, they are replaced by actors the same age.

CHRISTINA: The girl (Liana Liberato) looks like she could turn into Michelle Monaghan, but the dude doesn’t look anything like James Marsden. And he looks pretty old.

JAMES: They could have just given him a beard. They don’t need James Marsden.

PAIGE: It looks like he gets into an accident or into a coma at some point. So, maybe he had reconstructive surgery. To replace his entire face.

JAIMIE: (Bracey) has a really creepy face. He looks like a Ken doll. Why does it look like that?

CHRISTINA: My thing is it just looks like he is pushing 30.

JAIMIE: He looks like he could be the girl’s really old brother.

CHRISTINA: That’s weird. (Liberato) is a good actress though. I saw her in this one movie where she was being stalked on the Internet.

NICOLE: It’s like the same storyline though! People are not supposed to be in love, and then in the end, they end up together.

PAIGE: But this time a boat blew up!

CHRISTINA: That makes it different…

JAIMIE: I looked up the ending. Is anyone going to see it?



JAIMIE: At the end… (Jaimie spoils the end; it sounds bad.)

JAMES: I think at the end he turns into Ryan Gosling.

JAIMIE: Well, that would probably make the movie a little better.

JAMES: The explosion was stock footage, it seemed like.

PAIGE: This trailer went on forever. I think we saw the whole movie in this trailer.

JAMES: The soundtrack, and the typeface — two dead giveaways for what this is going to be.

CHRISTINA: I really like Michelle Monaghan though. She was so good in Trucker.

JAIMIE: I just looked up the guy who plays the younger James Marsden and he actually looks a little more normal. And he’s only 25 … I am just surprised that they keep making these Nicholas Sparks movies. Because they’re all basically the same.

CHRISTINA: But people keep seeing them.

JAIMIE: It’s totally the same plot. Two people fall in love when they’re young. Then something happens.

Someone dies. They fall in love again.

PAIGE: And then someone dies again.

JAIMIE: And the families usually don’t like each other and blah blah blah.

CHRISTINA: Yeah, what is that? There’s always someone trying to tear them apart.

JAIMIE: I think (Sparks) must just be a fan of Romeo and Juliet and tries to recreate that every single time.

PAIGE: He is laughing at us with his millions and millions of dollars.