Rose-Colored Glasses



When Jon Stewart took a break from The Daily Show last year, it was to direct Rosewater. This based-on-a-true-story film follows journalist Maziar Bahari (Gael Garcia Bernal) during his ordeal of being imprisoned for 118 days on accusations that he was a spy trying to take down the Iranian government. It’s supposed to be a tale of human endurance and the power of hope — but from the trailer, we think it looks as though it may cross the line between uplifting and cheesy. Rosewater opens Nov. 14 at Kahala Theatre >>

NICOLE: I am torn. Because there are some parts of the movie where it looks interesting, but then there are other parts, like when he says, ‘We saw this information on Face-book,’ that are lame.

JAMES: There are some continuity errors. First, he has his blindfold on, then he’s got it off. Then he’s got it back on. Then he’s got it off when he’s pushing his head against the table.

CHRISTINA: I think he was imprisoned for months though.

NICOLE: I feel like they should have explained that or shown that — that he was in prison for a long time. Because I didn’t really see them break his spirit, and that kind of disappointed me. I did not see blood, I did not see them punching him or torturing him, which is what I would assume they would do.

JAMES: They pushed him off the chair …

NICOLE: I push people off things all the time.

CHRISTINA: And then he dances around.

JAMES: That was the one cheese-ball part of the trailer.

JAIMIE: It was super interesting until that point. Then it turned really inspirational. Especially that part where it says something about how they can’t break your hope.

PAIGE: Yeah, they can break your hope.

JAIMIE: I would see it though. I like Gael G (Jaimie isn’t sure what his full name is) … GGB.

CHRISTINA: GGB? You’re on a nickname basis with him?

JAIMIE: I was initially interested because it is about a journalist who gets captured, and that is really relevant right now, but then it just got weirdly cheesy … The end of the trailer was bizarre.

NICOLE: Why would you dance? That was the dumbest thing ever.

JAIMIE: Because they can’t break your hope.

JAMES: (jokingly) They can imprison your body, but they can’t imprison your spirit.

CHRISTINA: I did like the part where he was cracking up though after the guy hit him.

NICOLE: I do like that Jon Stewart is involved.

JAIMIE: Jon Stewart is a really good writer.

JAMES: And it looks like it has nice cinematography.

PAIGE: I didn’t like the hashtags in the beginning when it had #protest. Because it doesn’t look like the rest of the movie is CG, so that just seems weird.

NICOLE: What was the purpose of the hashtags? Is he a social media journalist?

PAIGE: But then he got kidnapped, and there is no Twitter in prison, so … There’s just Facebook.

CHRISTINA: I really like Gael though.

JAIMIE: Me too. He is adorable.

CHRISTINA: I also feel like he doesn’t age.

JAIMIE: Right? He looks the same as he did when I was in high school.

JAMES: That is where the rest of the CG went.



As Marty McFly says to Doc Brown in Back to the Future, “Are you telling me you built a time machine … out of a DeLorean?!”

South Carolina-based husband and wife Oliver and Terry Holler have followed in Doc Brown’s footsteps and created a replica of the iconic DeLorean time machine — which will be at Regal Cinemas Dole Cannery starting at 9 a.m. Nov. 12, leading up to a screening of Back to the Future at 7 p.m.

You can sit inside the car and see the film for a $20 donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This replica may not actually travel through time (we’re not sure though; it looks pretty legit), but it has been across the country and made international appearances, all in an effort to raise funds ($240,000 so far) and awareness for the foundation.

As teenagers when the film came out in 1985, the Hollers both loved Back to the Future — and were in awe of the DeLorean. And the film has some significance for the two as a couple as well: “When we met, we asked each other the usual courtship questions, and both discovered BTTF was our favorite film!” Terry recalls.


When Oliver was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, they decided to build the car.

“It was one of those things we dreamed about doing ‘one of these days,’ and our days suddenly seemed limited,” Terry says.

“We quickly discovered the car draws a massive amount of attention everywhere we go, and we figured we could direct that attention toward something useful and beneficial. The MJFF seemed like the natural choice.”