More Sweet Than Savory


‘Tasting Menu’ Trailer Review By Metro Crew

Tasting Menu takes us to a coastal restaurant in Spain — on the last night before it closes — and seats us alongside the groups that have come out for the occasion. At the center of it all is a party of two — Marc and Rachel — who made their reservations while still married but have now been separated for a year. With an ensemble cast, the food also is an alluring co-star. I don’t know if it was because it was close to lunchtime or what, but this trailer had us all drooling.



PAIGE: Is it a movie about the restaurant closing, or them saving the restaurant?

CHRISTINA: It’s about the restaurant closing.

NICOLE: I thought it was about the lady dying.

CHRISTINA: Who’s dying?!

NICOLE: And it’s her last meal?

JAMES: Yeah, and she is throwing her own ashes out.

PAIGE: When the lady threw the ashes off the cliff, they blew right back in her face.

JAIMIE: I don’t understand why anyone does that.

CHRISTINA: I think it is about the restaurant closing and their last night coming to eat there.

NICOLE: I like the part where they smash the food.

JAIMIE: I can’t even. I have nothing to say about this movie because I would just rather watch it.

CHRISTINA: I have been dying to see this movie. And these people (Marc and Rachel) are so cute. I just love a good will-they-or-won’t-they story.

JAIMIE: I like when movies incorporate food. One, it makes me hungry. Two, it’s so pretty.

NICOLE: She (Claudia Bassols) is so pretty.

JAMES: (The quote at the end of the trailer) is kind of a cliché. Trite. Overly sentimental. “The emulsions only work when they stay together.” Well, yeah, emulsions only work when they stay together. And the uplifting music soundtrack.

CHRISTINA: I know, but this trailer just makes me feel good.

JAMES: And the way the lady throws the ashes off into the water, and she is like, “Life is beautiful.”

JAIMIE: But would you want to see a movie about food where the music is dark?

PAIGE: That’s (TV show) Hannibal. And all the food is people.


JAMES: I like the food photography.

JAIMIE: I really just want to eat.

CHRISTINA: That is the good thing about the Movie Museum — you can bring food in there.

JAIMIE: I will make a picnic, and then we can all go see it.

JAMES: Just make sure those emulsions stay together.

PAIGE: I think I just like action movies.

CHRISTINA: But she was throwing the ashes? That was action…

NICOLE: But she spread them kind of weird. Normally you sprinkle them.

JAMES: I think they fell all over her.

JAIMIE: My mom wants us to throw her ashes into the water, and I was like, no! Because what if it is windy and you blow into my face? And into my mouth? … And then if it accidentally goes up your nose — it’s like you sniffed your mom. I’m just going to turn my mom into a diamond. You can do that! You can turn someone’s ashes into a diamond.

CHRISTINA: I guess parts of that movie do seem kind of cliché though. Like, how it seemed as if all of the main characters perfectly couple off with one another.

NICOLE: Maybe they are hoping that the food shots will take your mind off the clichés.