Mcconnaissance Continues

Metro-110514-ReelTalk-TrailerReviewChristopher Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, transports us to an Earth not too far in the future that has been facing a desperate famine and, judging from the trailer, seems to have become a giant dustbowl. Luckily, space travel outside of our own solar system has become possible for the first time. A group of explorers led by Matthew McConaughey must journey through space to find a suitable replacement planet to call home. McConaughey continues his impressive streak (a term has even been coined for this — it’s the McConnaissance) with rave reviews as Interstellar‘s hero. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck. Interstellar opens in wide release Nov. 7.

NICOLE: I am wondering, though, if they find another planet, are they putting mechanisms in place to grow food? Otherwise, it’s like, “Hey, we are going to go live on Mars. And then die there.”

JAMES: It looks cool, but this concept has been done in a lot of other movies.

JAIMIE: I am excited though. I haven’t seen a Christopher Nolan film I haven’t liked.

PAIGE: I feel like I would like this more if I didn’t hate every actor involved. I hate Matthew McConaughey. He’s so greasy. I don’t like Anne Hathaway.

CHRISTINA: How do you hate Matthew McConaughey?

PAIGE: He just looks like he’s greasy. If I touched him, my hands would be covered in grease.

CHRISTINA: But within the last few years, he’s been in so many good movies. He used to be in all those romantic comedies — not just romantic comedies, but some of the worse ones — but he has been doing so many good things lately.

NICOLE: Like the one with J-Lo.

JAIMIE: He basically went from a romantic comedy reject to an Oscar winner. And now he has all these badass film roles. But I am a little disappointed that Anne Hathaway is in it.

CHRISTINA: Can someone please explain to me why they hate Anne Hathaway? I don’t get all of this random Anne Hathaway hatred.

JAIMIE: Because she was in Les Misérables. She was good in the 10 minutes she was in it, and then she won an Oscar. And you have to campaign to win an Oscar, basically. They go on TV shows, they do interviews and stuff like that.

PAIGE: Something about her is just very hate-able. I don’t know.

JAMES: I like the walking pair of pants though. A lot of Nolan’s films take the mystery box approach, and this is no exception. Mysterious visuals set to an ominous score. In this case, that mysterious visual is a pair of mechanical walking pants strolling alongside an astronaut on an icy planet. This could be the surprise buddy-comedy hit of the year.

CHRISTINA: The part with the wave was scary.

JAMES: The wave scene is what trailers are made for. A lot is communicated without being too revealing.†The rest of the trailer seems like conventional sci-fi drama.†

CHRISTINA: I heard that for the first hour they don’t even go into space.

JAMES: Yeah, he drives around in his Lincoln! “What’s this world coming to? Why are we here?”