Lovable ‘Laggies’


It’s a much-overdone cinematic trope to have couples in which the woman has it all together, while her husband or boyfriend is stuck in permanent adolescence. We all know that isn’t real life, and it’s nice to see the female lead struggle with the adult world in Lynn Shelton’s latest film, Laggies.

Keira Knightley stars as 28-year-old Megan, who has spent the last several years working parttime for her father and hanging with her friends from high school. She freaks out when her boyfriend proposes and decides to spend a week in hiding with her new 16-year-old friend Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her dad (Sam Rockwell), where she’s forced to examine her life. Laggies opens Oct. 24 at Kahala Theatre. >>

PAIGE: I did not feel comfortable seeing Keira Knightley with an American accent and not wearing period clothes in a British movie. I didn’t recognize her for the first minute.

JAIMIE: Sam Rockwell looks super hot in this movie.

CHRISTINA: He’s always hot in every movie. I loved him in Choke.

JAIMIE: He usually looks a little disheveled and not put together.

NICOLE: There is a weird break because she helps that girl out, and then her boyfriend proposes and she’s like, ‘I need help from this teenage girl.’ I don’t understand.

CHRISTINA: That is what I always do when I need help: I seek out the help of teenage girls.

NICOLE: I did like that Erin from The Office was in it. I was hoping that the people from The Office would branch out and do new things and not just die with the series … But I don’t think I’m going to watch it.

PAIGE: I think it was trying a little too hard to be edgy in the beginning. She’s like, ‘I’m twisting Buddha’s nipples.’

NICOLE: I thought that was hilarious! But it was drastically different than the rest of the trailer.

PAIGE: Yeah, then it got mundane …

NICOLE: I would totally do that with Buddha’s nipples. It’s funny!

CHRISTINA: But why would you go stay for a week with some teenage girl you just met? If you wanted to get away, why wouldn’t you just go stay in a hotel, or with a friend who can buy their own beer?

NICOLE: Right? And when the dad came in the room, he was surprised, he was like, ‘what the hell is this adult woman doing with my teenage daughter?’

PAIGE: But apparently she is going to bang the dad, so it’ll be fine. So she is going to become (Moretz’s) stepmother, and it will work out for everyone.

CHRISTINA: What is going to happen to her boyfriend who proposed?

NICOLE: He has no backbone!

CHRISTINA: Wow, you have a lot of hatred for this guy.

JAMES: He proposed to her in front of everyone. Yeah, what a spineless guy.

NICOLE: Yeah, but he can’t just let her be like, ‘no, no, get up.’ Why does he have to take orders from her?

CHRISTINA: Well, what are you supposed to do if somebody denies your proposal in front of everyone?

NICOLE: Give them the finger and walk away. That’s what I would do.

JAIMIE: I would make them publicly suffer.

NICOLE: Yeah, pretty much.

JAIMIE: I would chew that person out.