Creepy Crawler



Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a Los Angeles job-seeker who promises potential employers that he is driven and hard-working. When he lands a job as a TV crime reporter, it looks like he’s a little too driven. Has he stopped merely recording these incidents and gone on to staging things for the camera? Or something even more sinister? We’re not really sure what’s happening here, but we’re intrigued. Nightcrawler opens Oct. 31 at select locations. >>

NICOLE: It looks like he is causing the accident, or moving the bodies to make it look more drastic.

PAIGE: He’s got “to make the money to buy a ticket.”

CHRISTINA: I don’t know if he is causing the accidents, but he definitely comes to the scene and then messes around with it.

PAIGE: He is channeling his inner Christian Bale.

NICOLE: He looks disgusting.

JAMES: It looks like he lost a lot of weight.

CHRISTINA: He lost like 30 pounds for this role, I heard.

JAIMIE: So it’s not about serial killers? I am really disappointed that it is not about serial killers. I was under the impression that this was about serial killers, and I got really excited. And now I am kind of really disappointed.

CHRISTINA: You were excited when you thought it was about serial killers?


JAMES: It’s actually about trying to win the lottery.

PAIGE: It’s about making the money to buy a ticket.

CHRISTINA: When he was explaining why he would be good for the job, that was seriously the worst cover letter ever. He was just like, ‘I’m a hard worker, I am really passionate.’ Of course you are not going to get hired.

PAIGE: He would be terrible on broadcast news, though, because he looks terrifying.

JAMES: He looks desperate, he looks hungry, he looks kind of starved out.

JAIMIE: I thought that he was a serial killer who moonlights as a videographer.

I just really wish he were a serial killer. When I was in high school, I bought this encyclopedia of serial killers and I still have it. I think my mom thought that I was insane. And I don’t want to get rid of it because I don’t know where to donate it where they won’t suspect me of being a murderer.

JAMES: It’s still on your bookshelf? So people come over and you’re like, ‘These are my books.’

JAIMIE: It’s super interesting!

They have murderers going back all the way to the 1700s.

NICOLE: Like Jack the Ripper.

JAIMIE: Even before that.

There was this lady who lived in England and had a castle. She had this dungeon and she would torture and kill hundreds of girls.

PAIGE: Oh yeah, and she takes a bath in their blood to stay young.

NICOLE: That doesn’t phase me. I think I’ve watched too much Criminal Minds.

I think she would have to, like, chop off their fingers and eat them, maybe that would creep me out. Probably not.

JAIMIE: Or if she chopped off their fingers and made it into a little window decoration.

NICOLE: Or made it into little rigor mortis hooks. Like for her keys.

CHRISTINA: Maybe there is a Pinterest for things like that.

JAMES: Or a shoe horn that is an actual foot.

NICOLE: Does he kill people in the movie?

PAIGE: It’s going to culminate in him committing a murder.

JAIMIE: I love Jake Gyllenhaal. I used to watch October Sky all the time.

PAIGE: I hate Jake Gyllenhaal. He was in Prince of Persia

CHRISTINA: Why do you hate him?

PAIGE: Because I saw Prince of Persia.