Pub Crawl Funds Cancer Research


Cancer’s a real bitch, and aside from a few basic choices like maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding cigarettes (and even that’s definitely not a guarantee), there’s not that much you can do to prevent it. I imagine that there are very few people whose lives cancer haven’t affected in some capacity. Two of Honolulu nightlife’s most prominent figures, Nextdoor owner Daniel Gray and DJ Christa Wittmier, have been battling the disease. They both have made known just what a big difference support can make in combating the illness.

So show your support on Saturday night, when various venues throughout Chinatown will be participating in Crawl2Cure’s SantaGlow Hawaii pub crawl. Crawl2Cure hosts neon bar crawls in cities throughout the country in an effort to raise money for organizations that support cancer patients and fund research into new approaches at treating the disease. This Christmas-themed night starts at Scarlet, wraps around to Next-door, Downbeat Diner and Lounge, The Dragon Upstairs, Hank’s Café, O’Toole’s Irish Pub and Murphy’s Bar and Grill.

Then it all finishes off with two after-parties happening simultaneously at Nextdoor and Scarlet. Your Crawl2Cure wristband will let you in.

As for events, there’s been a lot more going on in Kalihi lately, and it has been refreshing to have things happening in different parts of town. It’s pretty exciting to hunt for a place you’ve never been to yet and then finally arrive and experience something completely new.

If you’re looking for something different, Friday night is a galactic-themed gala at Hawaii Events Center (985 Dillingham Blvd.) Expect an incredible DJ lineup led by ill.GATES and Shawna Hofmann flying out from SF to headline. ill.GATES is an internet phenomenon and music technology teacher who hosts online workshops globally and online courses in the music production program Ableton Live. (If you’re not familiar with Ableton, you can download a free demo and give it a shot. All you really need is a laptop and you can make pretty much anything happen.)

Aside from coming to check out his music, it might be worth making it out just to see his hairdo in person. He’s known for sporting a gravity-defying coiffure that only a highly trained expert could pull off.