Psychemagik’s Danny Mclewin

Danny McLewin of Psychemagik will DJ at Bevy March 26 as part of Soul Time In Hawaii's second anniversary JAMES D KELLY PHOTO

Danny McLewin of Psychemagik will DJ at Bevy March 26 as part of Soul Time In Hawaii’s second anniversary JAMES D KELLY PHOTO

Monthly all-vinyl party Soul Time, which was co-founded by former Metro music columnist Roger Bong and DJ Oliver Twist, is turning two. (There also are Soul Time parties in London and Chicago in addition to the local one at Bevy.)

In honor of the milestone, Bong and his team have got a slew of events for a multi-day anniversary celebration. They’ve also assembled a truly impressive list of artists to join them — including Danny McLewin, who makes up one half of London-based electronic duo Psychemagik. McLewin will participate in an artist forum from 4 to 6 p.m. March 24 at Red Bull Hawaii, and then also will be DJing alongside Soul Time DJs from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Bevy March 26.

Metro got a chance to check in with McLewin as his trip approaches.

What is Psychemagik working on now?

We’re looking at turning our DJing into a semi-live show with synths and insane visuals for a fully immersive experience! We’re also working on a new track, Rattlesnake, which is the theme to an imaginary horror movie. Plus, we have a compilation coming out on Eskimo Records called Ritual Chants that’s a three-LP journey from ambient to full-on club bangers.

Coming to Hawaii is a lot of travel time for you. Why did you want to participate in Soul Time’s anniversary, and what else will you do while you’re here?

I have been friends with Roger Bong from Aloha Got Soul for many years now, but we have never met. We’ve been talking about this forever and finally it’s happening. Can’t wait to meet him and be part of this amazing series of events.

I’ve never been (to Hawaii), so I’m super excited! I’ve been dreaming about coming to Hawaii ever since I was a kid. Hoping to do a lot of record digging and check out some of the islands and the natural beauty that it’s so famous for. Plus, I really wanna meet Dog the Bounty Hunter!

What can people expect from your set at Bevy?

As usual, a mixture — some disco, afro, edits, boogie, maybe some dreamy Balearic gems?

Depends on the crowd and the vibe which way I take it. Hopefully I’ll feel free to play a good mixture of everything.

Also joining McLewin at Bevy will be Mike Lundy with a full-band performance, as well as DJs Cedric Bardawil and Bill Olson. Soul Time’s anniversary celebration kicks off with a listening session of rare vinyl selections broadcasted by the Soul Time team via from 9 p.m. to midnight March 22 and continues with various events through March 26. For a full list of events, visit