Ode To My Spark

By Sashily Kling

she’s a ballbuster
street smart cookie
drinking sarcasm and wit
with her daily tea
9th grade bride
tango troupe dancer
long legs flick fold and follow
stringed guitars beat of her own rhythm
too young to be a mother
too in love to care

old blue eyes singing sweet soft melodies
transition tv I Love Lucy to technicolor sheen
Spanish Harlem took notice
neither Jets nor Sharks
shook her out of duty
against stereotype of single
mother of three

sharp tongue held
Bitch watcha looking at
a fine edge
common sense
never stopped her intelligence
moving milestones into mountains
capturing wild beast that beat
against cage
rib borrowed not stolen
for generations to come

white coat crushing hope
negatively positive results
cure creates death
slowed to a crawl
body betrayed
spark gone
flesh cold
eyes closed
Goodbye Grams
I miss you.

Sashily Kling loves to write, take photos and create art. She has travelled extensively and now blogs about her adventures in Hawaii here: pr-island-girl.blogspot.com.

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