Not A Table We Want To Sit At



Eloise (Anna Kendrick) was supposed to be the maid of honor at her oldest friend’s wedding — until she was dumped by the best man. When she decides to attend anyway, she’s placed at a table full of the guests who nobody really cares about. The film largely looks like a predictable cliché, but some of the names involved could be a redeeming factor. Table 19 opens in wide release March 3.

CHRISTINA: It looks all right, but also very predictable. Like, I feel like I know the whole trajectory of the movie already. She’s is going to realize that she is better off without the ex-boyfriend, even though he will inevitably try to win her back at some point. And then she quite probably will ride off into the sunset with the guy she meets at the wedding.

JAIMIE: This movie looks really boring, the end. Parts of it seem kind of maybe funny, but for the most part, I feel like this movie is trying too hard to be something I haven’t even figured out yet.

CHRISTINA: I have never been a fan of Anna Kendrick, which is really unfortunate because I do think she chooses pretty interesting projects. But she just never seems all that compelling to me. She’s kind of a boring lead.

PAIGE: Who is this movie being made for? No really big names other than Anna Kendrick and Lisa Kudrow (and I guess Craig Robinson). Decidedly low-key humor — this wedding is not ending with a wild orgy of violence and drugs. I daresay that the humor is so low key I barely even noticed it was there. So yes, there’s that: It’s a comedy that isn’t funny with a plot that seems happy to rely on clichés. And it’s at a wedding, but we’re clearly not really even going to fully lampoon a lot of the inherent absurdity involved in wedding rituals. It can’t even commit to being cliché! So I can fully say that I don’t know why this exists at all.

JAIMIE: Mostly, it just feels like someone went through a very weird and specific existential crisis and is now making everyone else relive it with them. Though at least the supporting cast looks good? Stephen Merchant? I don’t know.

CHRISTINA: But, all that said, I would see this. The Duplass brothers wrote the script, and I really liked a couple of their previous films, Safety Not Guaranteed and The One I Love. Those are their only films of theirs I’ve seen, but I hear good things about a lot of their other works too.