Movie Mystery


Here’s what we know about 10 Cloverfield Lane: A woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) awakens from an accident in an underground bunker and is told that while she was unconscious, there was some kind of chemical spill and the air is no longer breathable. But it’s hard to tell if the man who saved her (John Goodman) is really looking out for her, or if he’s actually her captor. That’s pretty much all that the filmmakers are revealing — even the stars were apparently kept in the dark. But we agree that the mystery is enough to get us to the theater. 10 Cloverfield Lane opens in wide release March 11.

PAIGE: I have actually 100 percent no idea what is supposed to be happening here. What a great trailer, though! It doesn’t appear to spoil more than a very small section of the movie (important for a horror film), it sets a tone of foreboding unease amidst a seemingly OK domestic existence, and it’s intriguing.

JAIMIE: It doesn’t seem to rely on the usual horror film gimmicks, which I can certainly appreciate.

NICOLE: For the first 40 seconds, I was so confused. Is John Goodman a good dad? They’re sitting around playing board games and attempting puzzles. But no, now it seems he’s a rapist/abductor … and these kids are his hostages trying to escape. They’re just putting on that good family life vibe so he doesn’t kill them. But no, wrong again. Now I realize that he’s not a rapist (but he’s probably still an abductor). It seems he’s trying to protect them from whatever is out there, but honestly, I can’t say for sure.

CHRISTINA: John Goodman looks pretty goddamn terrifying here. I like the way it sets it up so you’re not actually sure if he is good or bad. Is he really trying to keep them safe, or is he just crazy? Also, I am a huge fan of Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

NICOLE: He could just be saying that there’s a monster out there so she doesn’t leave.

And now I’m wondering, what if there is something out there? I hope it’s the Cloverfield monster.

CHRISTINA: I never saw Cloverfield, but this looks so good that I don’t know if I will be able to wait and watch the first one before seeing this.

JAMES: I read that movie was originally called The Cellar. And the idea to create that wormhole into the Cloverfield universe was really last minute.

JAIMIE: The shifting and maniacal turn of events from peaceful and fun to insane was just right. And then there was the knowing at the end that as bad as things seemed inside — and I would like to know what the hell was going on, especially when they were all standing around that vat of something and John Goodman started putting gloves on — there is something worse outside, makes me want to watch more.

JAMES: I like how the narrative unfolded. How the jukebox’s sole utility was to telegraph doom and set the images in motion. Things appear cozy. There are board games, puzzles, a VHS tape, sandwich making. Then you realize the characters are going a little stir-crazy. One character tries to escape. What’s out there? Nuclear fallout? Godzilla? Zombies? The 2016 presidential candidates?