One thing I’m beginning to realize is that sometimes the best DJs didn’t start out with the goal of becoming a DJ. Instead, they firstly and foremostly love music. Even better is when they appreciate that music on vinyl. These types of people tend to amass a collection of outstanding music before ever considering the thought of spinning their records in a public setting for others to listen to.

That’s where Brian Hogan steps in. You might’ve seen him around town wearing his signature aloha shirt and flat cap, flip-ping through records at Jelly’s, Hungry Ear, or anywhere Secret Record Store pops up. He’s in love with vinyl, and has been since he was a toddler, but only recently turned his love into a public affair by spinning his collection at venues around town.

Brian, along with David Jordan (aka DJ Funky Brewster), has organized a new gathering for Honolulu’s music scene. It’s called Heavy Rotation, a monthly happy hour event that features vinyl music of any genre, played by Brian, a few of his friends, and you.

It’s an open mic of sorts, but for vinyl junkies, record owners and lovers of music. Any music, any genre, with a cast of rotating DJs and selectors to keep the music flowing. But seriously: Anyone can bring some records from home to spin. If you have a couple of new favorite albums you want to share with others, bring those down. If you’re looking to learn a few tips on DJing with vinyl, Brian and crew are more than willing to share what they’ve learned. If you want to just hang out for pau hana and enjoy the tunes, that’s good, too!

“It’s a glorified hangout session,” Brian admitted to me over the phone. He wants to create a space where people can share, talk and learn about music. “I love vinyl,” he adds. “I know there are other people out there who do, too. I’m hoping to use this as an open platform for Hawaii’s vinyl lovers to connect, share and enjoy these pounds and pounds of wax we all got stacked on shelves and in crates and closets.”

“I’ve been collecting vinyl for years — it’s been sitting, collecting dust,” Brian says. “But when I finally started DJing in public (a year ago), I couldn’t get enough of it.” He continues, “If you want to spin and are looking for an opportunity, it can be scary. I was there, maybe you’re in my position.”

But to be clear: “No pressure, this event is strictly for leisure.”

Heavy Rotation launches on Monday (Labor Day), Sept. 7, and will be held every month at Proof Public House in Fort Street Mall. The event is free and runs from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Food and drink specials are available for participants. Learn more at

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