Letter from the Editor


Here at Oahu Publications, we’re thrilled to launch Metro. Focusing on downtown Honolulu, Chinatown and Kakaako, Metro will bring you exciting coverage of arts and entertainment, food and drink, lifestyle and more.

But we don’t see Metro as just ours — it’s yours, too.

With that in mind, we’re all about joint efforts in our first issue. Our feature story gives you a look inside ProtoHUB (page 12), a new co-working space that seeks to become a center of innovation through fostering a collaborative environment. Meanwhile, as you’ll see in this week’s Scene Stealers story, The ARTS at Marks Garage is calling for artists to work with them on creating pieces for its latest exhibition (page 19).

One thing we’re particularly excited about is hearing from the community. In our Shared Space section (page 4), we will be publishing the best reader-submitted essays and photos each week. We want to hear your stories and see the world through your eyes.

And after you’ve read through this issue, interact with us on social media. Send us your selfies (like the one on page 8) and your Instagram photos for our Metrogram photo spread (page 27). This week, we have some adorable dogs — and now we’re seeking photos of leaves. Each week will feature a new theme.

Check us out on Facebook (facebook.com/metroHNL), Twitter (twitter.com/metroHNL) and Instagram (instagram.com/metroHNL).