Letter From The Editor

Metro-112614-editorI have to admit, when this week’s feature story profile subject — local photographer Dallas Nagata White — asked to meet at Fort DeRussy, I was a bit surprised.

I had asked her to choose a spot where she enjoys shooting photos — and she responded with the beach near Fort DeRussy. I was picturing an overcrowded, dirty beach where we’d have no place to take photographs, and no place to sit and chat.

But as we walked out to the rocks that jut out from the shoreline, the clouds that had been around for most of the day began to clear, making a sparkled path of sunlight on the blue ocean. She was right; this was nice.

“I love that I can find wonder in things that other people take for granted because I know that we take Hawaii for granted a lot,” White told me. “It is a really nice little escape place … You have got a great view of Diamond Head. I think it is just† good place to find openness.”

She is, of course, talking about vast space — the type that she likes to photograph. But, it being Thanksgiving and all, White’s comment helped me remember to be open to seeing the beauty in things that I might normally not.

Speaking of which, also in this week’s issue, Christa Wittmier discusses the bizarre trend of beauty apps on Page 9. In this week’s Metrogram on Page 27, our readers share some of the things that they are thankful for. On Page 8, Anton Glamb reflects on some of his favorite Thanksgiving memories. And Sammi Baum has concocted a tasty way to toast to all of it on Page 18.

For more on Dallas Nagata White, see Page 12.