Letter From The Editor

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.47.11 AMWhen I sat down to chat with Candes Meijide Gentry to talk about why she wanted to get back into music right now after taking a four-year hiatus, she said this: “We all have so many aspects of ourselves.” And right now, she wanted to get in touch with this particular side of herself.

That might be true, but Gentry, it seems, has more aspects to her than most people.

She’s one of those people who can exhaust others simply by listing off all the various things that they do. There’s her work in real estate, her philanthropic efforts, her athletic achievements — all on top of her music.

Her latest album, It’s My Time, is set to be released Aug. 26. For more on her album — and a brief look into the many, many other things that she does — read on.

Also in this issue, Nicole Kato has the details on a Pokemon Go festival happening this weekend — and also has rounded up a list of other businesses that have special offerings for Pokemon trainers. My personal favorite quote from the business owners comes from Beretania Florist’s Reece Farinas, who says this: “Beretania Florist is the perfect place to catch Pokemon, refuel at a PokeStop and get flowers for the girlfriend you’ve been neglecting since Pokemon Go was released.”