Letter From The Editor

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.12.50 AMAccording to Doris Duke Theatre director Taylour Chang, Honolulu Museum of Art’s annual Honolulu Surf Film Festival “aims to provide a venue where community can come together to get inspired by the culture of surfing.”

Watching the opening-night film selection View From A Blue Moon, though, maybe won’t inspire you so much as it will induce some serious envy. Focusing on North Shore surfer John John Florence — who won The Eddie this winter — it’s basically Florence and a bunch of his friends travelling to remote surf spots over the course of three years with cutting-edge technology courtesy of Brain Farm film studio in tow. The whole film is a gorgeous, fun romp around the world.

But for as much fun as it is, the film also represents a crazy amount of dedication. Director Blake Vincent Kueny spent up to 90 hours per week editing the film over the span of a few months after they had gathered all the footage.

Read more about the film and the Kueny-Florence collaboration in our interview with Kueny here.

Also this week, Jaimie Kim breaks down Brexit, because what the hell does Brexit mean. I admit that I have been pretty generally confused over the whole thing — like how and why it would affect US policy and economy — and she does a good job of breaking it all down.