Letter From The Editor

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.08.33 PMIt’s certainly no secret that good housing is hard to find, especially if you live in Honolulu.

But what is somewhat of a secret is that there actually is an amazing place to live — and one that is comparatively affordable — right in the heart of Chinatown: the Chinatown Artists Lofts. The Lofts opened in 2010 and are home to a group of artists, creative entrepreneurs and others involved in the downtown arts and nightlife scene.

With the second wing opening March 1, Metro was lucky enough to get a tour from the Lofts’ founder, The ARTS at Marks Garage executive director Rich Richardson. We stopped in right as construction crews were putting on the finishing touches and took a peak inside the Lofts’ nine new units, plus chatted with some of the current residents.

James McCarthy, one of the Lofts’ original residents, recalls that at the time he first moved in, there was no place for artists to both live and work in Chinatown. “Given the progress that had been made in revitalizing the neighborhood, having artists as part of the daily life was integral to the shared vision of those of us who had been the grassroots start-up crew for the arts in Honolulu,” McCarthy told me.

Here’s more on the Lofts. Fair warning, though: Prepare to have some serious home envy.