Letter From The Editor

Metro-080515-editorIt was my birthday last week, and one of the gifts I was most excited about (in addition to lots of cat-related things, as well as a keychain with a photo of Criminal Minds‘ Dr. Spencer Reid eating an apple from our social media manager Nicole Kato) was the record player I got from my parents. I’ve wanted a record player since college, when a friend who had one would get everyone together for listening parties. I don’t know what it was about it that made it seem different than other get-togethers where music was playing, but it was just so fun.

So I am a little behind on the record trend, I know, but, in a way, it’s kind of strange that it’s even a trend at all. The same is true for these other technological throwbacks that currently are trending, like film cameras and typewriters. It’s curious that people are adopting such technologies from the past — after all, they’re a lot slower. However, completing tasks this way can turn something into a more thoughtful, almost meditative experience. If you’re writing on a typewriter, you’re going to think about what you’re doing before you start hitting the keys.

With this in mind, I stopped in last week to Hound & Quail, a shop in Chinatown that deals in such vintage tools — as well as an amalgamation of other odds and ends. I got to chat with the owners, Mark Pei and Travis Flazer, about their interests and the budding popularity of former technologies.

(As a side note that I just have to share because it’s cute, Mark and Travis have an adorable little bunny named Luigi who hops around the store. And, Travis tells me that they may be getting another furry friend soon!)

After peeking in on some of Mark and Travis’ favorite things, we also decided to share some of our favorite things with you — and tips on where to pick them up. Plus, Jaimie Kim has a rundown of some of the best foods she’s been eating lately, and Roger Bong tells us about his current playlist.

And speaking of vintage things, our drinks section features a look inside The Home of the Brave Brewseum in Kakaako — a World War II-themed bar stocked with war-time paraphernalia and hand-crafted beer.