Letter From The Editor


Guys, OK, I have a problem: I am a music binger. Whenever I find a song or an album that I really like, I completely binge on it, and listen to that and only that over and over.

When staff writer Jaimie Kim recommended I give local indie acoustic duo Foreseeable Futures a listen, I did. And then I gave them about 500 listens (especially the song By and Bye — seriously, go check it out right now at foreseeablefs.com). Most of that intense (obsessive?) listening was done from my desk while at work, but I also was able to see them perform live a couple times.

I also got a chance to sit down and talk with Foreseeable Futures, Phil Potter and Anna Sachs, about how their collaboration got started, cultivating their sound and the pros and cons of playing music with your significant other. (Not only are they are musical duo, but they also are a duo in life. How great is that?) I guess I have to stop gushing now, but you can read more about the band (in a more tempered manner, I promise) on Page 12.

We’re also reminded in this issue that summertime is in the foreseeable future. On Page 16, Jaimie gets us ready for summer mango season with a tasty look into a cafe where most of the menu items incorporate mangoes (and local ones are on the way!). And on Page 10, Nicole Kato has the details on Lil Coconut Hawaii’s summer line, featuring a new collection of totes and clutches.