Letter From The Editor

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I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.

It just seems a bit … unnecessary. It can put undue pressure on relationships, and it can make single people feel bad about not being in a relationship. So basically, it can make you feel bad no matter what.

That’s part of the reason that we have a little yearly tradition here at Metro of sharing dating horror stories. We hunted for the best of the worst dating stories, and we found some great ones.

I was, however, a little bit skeptical to jump into doing this story again after last year’s experience. While it was fun to put together, I remember feeling emotionally exhausted and a little bummed out after it was done. This time, though, I felt weirdly invigorated — a strange feeling to have after you spend a week hearing tales of awkward dates, awful breakups, and unwanted bodily fluids.

But I think that each of these dating horror stories has a silver lining. Some of the people who shared their stories actually have since found their happy relationships (the woman in “Birthday Blues” is engaged now!). But even for those who haven’t, yet, they’re not losing any sleep over it. The girl in “Trashy” is no longer actively looking for relationship, saying she’s enjoying her time being single. And the guy in “The Silent Treatment” says he’s not trying to pursue the same girl anymore simply because, “There are so many other people out there to meet.”

This is all, I think, to say, that in our dating lives, we all seem to have an incredible amount of resilience. No matter how many times we get screwed over, lied to or treated like crap, we’re back at it again in no time.

So, here’s to our dating lives. May we all be so resilient in the rest of our lives, too.