Letter From The Editor

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.12.10 AMAs avid rock climbers, Nathaniel Lam and Nancy Nguyen regularly climb in remote spots around the island — some of which are filled with trash.

“There had been a lot of talk about trying to clean it up,” Lam says of one spot, “but no on ever really did. We had been using that area to climb and we were just stepping over everything — and every time, we were thinking someone should get rid of this stuff.”

So Lam and Nguyen became those someones — and from that simple idea, they have founded their own nonprofit, The Arch Project. Comprised primarily of rock climbers, The Arch Project conducts a range of community service initiatives. The holidays, in particular, have been a busy time for them. For more on the group and what they have been up to, go to page 6.

It’s this time of year when we start taking stock of things in our life. For some recaps and reflections, check out Paige Takeya’s pop culture musings (page 4) and Jaimie Kim’s recollection of her favorite foods from the year (page 8).

Lastly — but most importantly — we want to wish a very happy retirement (and belated birthday) to Christa Wittmier. The Metro columnist/DJ/blogger/marketing guru recently decided to retire from the liquor industry — and threw one of her epic parties to celebrate. She’s had an incredibly prolific career as the senior marketing director for Young’s Market Company of Hawaii, and we wish her the best as she retires in order to prioritize her health. You can check out photos from the party on page 12.