Letter From The Editor

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In a Kickstarter campaign that photographer Amber Mozo ran last year to publish her photo book Chasing Light (which is out now), she wrote that the round-the-world trip that prompted the project changed her life.

When I asked her about it more recently, she elaborated: Traveling the world, she says, gave her time to reflect on her life and how she wanted to live. For one, it reminded her how beautiful life is, and looking at the stunning imagery that’s included in Chasing Light, it’s hard not to be reminded of precisely that.

Publishing a book by age 21 certainly is impressive — and beyond that, Mozo has already carved out a successful career as a photographer. But although she’s so young, in many ways, it’s been a long journey to get here — her interest in photography was sparked after her family suffered a tragic loss. To learn more about Mozo and her work, read on.

She listed a few big take-aways from her epic trip, but the one I liked best was this: “I learned that you can’t bring back what you have lost, but you can allow yourself to move forward and be grateful for what is to come and be positive.”